aenne winter

On these pages I want to introduce you to a unusual woman - my Grandmother..
She played and still plays a remarkable role in my life and in the life of so many other people.
Aenne was a healler, a seer and deep in Love wit the Divine. You do not find many like her on the planet. .

She contributed a great deal to my life by being so understanding of my love to God and my longing for goodnessand and purity.
With her I talked about Jesus, about unusual spirital experiences, about the beauty of flowers, trees and animals.

With her I was singing songs while walking between blossoming trees in spring.
Often she was my refuge and my comfort in a world I exerienced as hard and cruel.
She was like a good Faerie to me. For her all humans were »beloved hearts«, she called them »Herzele« (little hearts).
And she said that with so much love and compassion.

On these pages I want to talk a little about her.
Please come here from time to time, because for her you are also a »Herzele«.